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My dream

My relationship with Thein was really special from 2002. Even they change my artistic and professional way. They have make reality my dream as a Trombonist.

Javier Colomer

began his cooperation with the THEIN Company in 2002 which coincided with the second version of the International Trombone Courses of ‘Joventuts Musicals’ in Spain.

Since working together with THEIN, Javier has been putting all his energy into their wonderful instruments, which have substantially changed his career and professional life to date.

Javier began working with THEIN on their Contrabass trombone and progressed to work on their Bass trombone; instruments which are highly sought after in Spain and South America, Javier’s enthusiasm with the THEIN company and vice versa has meant that during the International Trombone courses of ‘Joventuts Musicals’ they have been able to promote all of the THEIN models.

He is much in demand with many Spanish and Latin American Conservatories to promote THEIN’s instruments and Javier has most recently developed his own ‘Javi Colomer’ version, along with the ‘Spanish Model’ (tenor trombone) which are both highly regarded in Spain, also often played in Venezuela, Ecuador, Japan, China ...

Continuing with the Spanish wind band tradition, THEIN and Javier Colomer have created the new ‘UNIVERSAL BASS TROMBONE’, in which they have developed a versatile instrument (for use in all ensembles) with a new, unique and beautiful sound.

Javier Colomer feels as though he has finally obtained his dream; to teach, to play, to enjoy and to communicate with THEIN. 


Javier Colomer is international  Thein Artis , also is an expert of prestigius brand.

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Javier Colomer is official representant of Thein Brass Instruements in

Spain , Portugal , Canary Islands , Italy and Latino América

Thein Brass Instruments


Nuevo libro para Trombón Contrabajo - New book for Contrabass Trombone

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Book for Contrabass Trombone-Libro para Trombón Contrabajo New Book "The World of The Contrabass Trombone"
Javier play exclusively Thein Bass and Contrabass Trombones
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