The World of The Contrabass Trombone – 1

(Book in Spanish, English and German language)

Bill Reichenbach

Bill Reichenbach Bass and Contrabass Trombone Hollywood Orchestra

Dear Javi, I did receive your book. Thanks. I think you’ve organized a logical approach to this beast of an instrument. Your book will give a new generation of players who want to play the contra a good starting place. After that, it’s all about holding the thing up all day. Best, Bill

Brandt Attema

Brandt Attema Solo Bass and Contrabass Trombone, Docent in Rotterdam Conservatorium and Royal Conservatory of The Hague

Dear Javi, I did get your book! It looks amazing! Thanks for sending Best, Brandt

Ben van Dijk

Ben van Dijk Bass and Contrabass Trombone Rotterdam Philarmonich Orchestra

Hi Javi, Today your Contrabass Trombone book arrived. WOW ! Amazing, I think a very welcome resoursce and method for both beginners and advanced contrabass trombonist.

Phil Teel

Phil Teel Bass and Contrabass Trombone Hollywood studios

Hi Javier, thank you very much for your book I´m happy to have it a lot of good info. I believe your book will be a great service to players world wide. With the condition of the world now I think there will be a lot of work for the contra. Thanks again sincerely Phil Teele.

Ronald Romm

Ronald Romm Former trumpet in Canadian Brass

Maestro Javier Colomer has written a superb book about the Contrabass Trombone. This book is extremely well written, interesting, and enlightening. I highly recommend 
”The World of the Contrabasstrombone” to not just trombonists, but to all who are interested in the history and pedagogy of our world of brass. Our thanks go to both Javier Colomer and to Heinrich Thein for this excellent edition.

Eric Budd

Eric Budd Freelance musicien, Melbourne- Australia

For anyone at all interested in the Contrabass trombone, this book is a must read!
Javi and Heinrich have written a book that is extremely informative, easy to understand, never gets dry to read and covers nearly every concept I would have thought to include myself!
It is obvious that both Javi and Heinrich share a strong passion for promoting the contrabass. Javi is surely amongst one of the finest players. Both pack a serious amount of experience and knowledge about the contrabass, and have shared as much as they can on each page.
I would recommend this book for any low brass player, or musician full stop! Whether you are a student, professional, music lover or a composer – this book offers something for everyone!
Well done Javi and Heinrich!.

Sean Reusch

Sean Reusch Trombone educator and Yamaha Artist

Thanks again for your book - really awesome! "Javier Colomer's book, The World of the Contrabass Trombone, is a fantastic new resource for people wanting to learn to play a contrabass trombone. It is full of so much great information about the history as well as pedagogical tips. This book is a must-have for all trombonists!"

Brian Hecht

Brian Hecht Bass Trombone Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

For those of you looking to learn Contrabass Trombone or even enhance your skills on it, this is an incredible resource on all things contra. It begins with a thorough history of the instrument and includes a wealth of exercises for becoming proficient on this beast. Highly recommend it if you don't already own a copy! Thank you Javi Colomer for this signed copy of your book!

Sun He

Sun He Bass trombone solo, Vincent Bach performing artist.

This book is a well rounded text book and exercise for contra bass trombone. If you are a trombonist who wants to start to play contrabass trombone should definitely get Javi's book and follow the exercises step by step; if you are a well established contrabass trombone player, it is great to have this book on yourself for teaching and your own practice. Thank you Javi for such a great book!

Frank Gulino

Frank Gulino Bass Trombone and composer

"The World of the Contrabass Trombone" is a truly remarkable resource. Beginning with the historical origins of the contrabass trombone, this book also discusses instrument construction and improvements as well as the role of the contrabass trombone in the standard repertoire. This is also a very practical resource, including everything from warmups, excerpts, and breathing exercises to surveys of the equipment and accessories currently available to contrabass trombonists. Highly recommended!

Ramón Luís Serra

Ramón Luís Serra Bass Trombone Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra

Este excelente libro debe estar en la biblioteca personal de todo trombonista. Tiene un lenguaje muy claro y fácil de entender. En mi hizo una gran diferencia cuando comencé en el Trombón Contrabajo. Gracias Javi Colomer por esta gran aportación al mundo del Trombón.

Charlie Vernon

Charlie Vernon Bass Trombone Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Hi Javi I have played many things on my contra from your book and I found that they are very helpful in making Music on the big F trombone. I commend you for your work and effort for this great instrument! As you know my tuning on the trombone is set up to match the motor skills already acquired from years of playing the double valve bass trombone. The German tuning tradition is useless for me and many other people who transfer these skills to a larger instrument. Your comments about the contrabass and it’s the importance of playing in an orchestra and the exercises that you have are great and I really appreciate all you have done for our community! Take Care! Charlie Vernon

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The World of The Contrabass Trombone – 2

(Book in Spanish and English  language)

Para  este año 2018 voy a publicar mi segundo libro sobre el Trombón Contrabajo.

Este será “El Mundo del Trombón Contrabajo- 2”

Después del lanzamiento del 1º libro en Enero de 2013, han sido muchos los libros que he enviado a todo el planeta, con muy buenas críticas por parte de todos. Ahora después de 6 años va a salir el 2º libro, con muchos ejercicios más avanzados, con muchos consejos para tocar este magnífico instrumento y con varias actualizaciones respecto a las últimas novedades en cuanto a repertorio y mucho más.

Esta vez se lanzará en dos versiones, en papel y en formato digital.



This year 2018 I will publish my second book of The Contrabass Trombone.

This is «The World of The Contrabass Trombone – 2»

After the release of the 1st book in January 2013, there have been many books that have sent to over the world, with good reviews by all. Now after 6 years will go out the 2nd book, with many more advanced exercises, with many tips to play this magnificent instrument with several updates regarding the latest developments in terms of repertoire and more.

This time will be launched in two versions, in book (paper) and digital format.


Obras para Trombón Contrabajo – Contrabass Trombone works

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